Decentralized groups: psychodynamics plus


  • Dave Brubeck day (another one on 9/8)

(Using Clive Thompson's Medium post One wierd trick for writing a first draft to get started here.)

(need to replace "starting with a hyphen" because Markdown)

/ we form and join groups to get things done //
/ we form and join groups to establish a social defense against personal and group existential anxieties //
/ 'anxieties' is a maladaptive word now //
/ Larry Hirschhorn proposes emphasizing 'risk', 'fear of failure', 'desires' (and more?) to let the group dynamics be viewed and heard //
/ what are the hints that the group is prioritizing social defense over work? //
/ often groups and its members need to use the defenses to get some work done // often or sometimes? //

/ in another OGM group a suggestion was made that seems to bypass democracy in favor of organizing some loosely recruited group of middle management in big corps to make some noise with the aim of getting climate actions taken //
/ i am still gob-smacked by this, but maybe i should not be given the notes above on psychodynamics //

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