2022-06-20 Jamison Foser Heritage Foundation mediocrities

Jamison Foser (@jamisonfoser): as we await a likely Supreme Court decision overturning Roe, here is a sign of what will follow: A Heritage Foundation mediocrity touting a "thoughtful proposal" to commit women who have abortions to "mandatory psychiatric custody" https://twitter.com/jamisonfoser/status/1538941619969241089/photo/1

I have not seen any polling on this but I strongly suspect "mandatory psychiatric custody" for women who have abortions would be pretty unpopular and would suggest that perhaps Democrats would do well to sound the alarm about this consequence of Republican rule.

btw this isn't some random dude endorsing "mandatory psychiatric custody" for women, it's a Director at the Heritage Foundation -- the most important right-wing think-tank of the last 50 years.

Every Republican candidate should be asked about this. https://twitter.com/jamisonfoser/status/1538941619969241089?s=20&t=t8h4RnkzHZ4GokhHSjtQcg

also just a casual reminder that the Republican Party cannot be the party of small government if it is also the party of involuntary psychiatric custody for women who make decisions it doesn’t like, and journalists who persist in describing it as the former are lying.

One reason our political/electoral environment tends to be dominated by things like right-wing lies about CRT and crime is that our biggest media companies are conservative.

Another is that conservatives constantly peddle that BS, and progressives don't bother saying true things https://twitter.com/jamisonfoser/status/1538981427571589120/photo/1

between this current thread and the one below from a couple weeks ago I'm starting to think I should just devote this whole twitter account to documenting the obscene positions of various Heritage Foundation mediocrities. https://twitter.com/jamisonfoser/status/1533125395616256000

"mandatory psychiatric custody" for women who have abortions ... telling abused women to go back to their husbands ... both these things come from the same place. https://twitter.com/spulliam/status/1538840381189722112

This passage from Pat Buchanan's 1992 convention speech has stuck with for 30 years. I think of it at least once a week. In my head, I can still hear him say it. I have essentially spent my entire professional life trying to get people to take it seriously. https://twitter.com/jamisonfoser/status/1538999550983032832/photo/1

(everyone in my mentions is like "this reminds me of a fiction book that was turned into a TV show" and I'm like "this reminds me of the speeches leading Republicans have been giving for decades." If only people knew Republicans as well as they know binge TV...)